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Fee Information:

​50 minute session: $130

I do not currently take insurance


Individual Therapy

Therapy can be a weekly reminder to slow down and listen. If we’re in a great deal of pain, it can be a place to tend to our wounds. If we’re in a place of confusion, it can be a place to remember who we are and who we are not — or discover ourselves for what feels like the first time. Therapy, over time, can teach us how to live and how to live well. Reasons for seeking individual therapy include, but are not limited to:​


Anxiety and stress

Panic attacks




Obsessive or distorted thinking

Relationship issues


Grief and loss

Self Esteem


Life Changes


Couple's Therapy

In couple's therapy, I provide a safe environment for both partners to be themselves, express their needs and desires, and share their emotions. The couple will learn how to communicate more effectively, attend to one another’s needs more gently, and ideally grow in shared love and vision for life together. Issues that bring couples to therapy include, but are not limited to:



Sexual desire discrepancy

High conflict

Premarital counseling

Bickering/spiteful interactions

Helping couples who want to break up successfully

Blended families

Parenting challenges

Poor communication

Lack of connection


Children & Teens

Children and teens are sometimes more in tune with the rawness of life in a way that us adults are not. Life changes so fast when we’re young and it can be so much to process. I believe that all of us have innate wisdom to live a life that is well suited for us. I’m here to help children and teens, just like adults, live authentic lives, learn to live well with loss, and love more widely and deeply – themselves and others. Events that may impact a child or teen include, but are not limited to:


​The birth of a sibling

The death of a loved one, such as a family member or a pet

Physical or sexual abuse

Poverty or homelessness

Natural disaster

Domestic violence

Moving to a new place or attending a new school

Being bullied

Taking on more responsibility than is age-appropriate

Parental divorce or separation

Substance abuse

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